TX BoS CoC Board Governance

Governance Charter

Texas Balance of State CoC Policies and Procedures- Approved on 9/9/2016

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TX BoS CoC Board

The CoC Board is the primary decision-making body for the Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care (TX BoS CoC). Board members determine the policy direction of the CoC and ensure that the CoC fulfills its responsibilities as assigned by HUD. Additionally, the Board oversees and approves the work of CoC committees and workgroups.

Board Member Details

Board Member Description

Areas Represented by the 2016-17 CoC Board

TX BoS CoC General Meetings

Schedule of 2016-2017 meetings.

TX BoS CoC General Meeting Minutes: 2016

January 27,  2016 Meeting Minutes

February 24,  2016 Meeting Minutes

April 27,  2016 Meeting Minutes

May 25,  2016 Meeting Minutes

June 22,  2016 Meeting Minutes

September 21,  2016 Meeting Minutes

November 16,  2016 Meeting Minutes and Materials

December 14,  2016 Meeting Minutes and Materials

TX BoS CoC General Meeting Minutes: 2017

January 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes and Materials

February 08, 2017 Meeting Minutes and Materials

March 08, 2017 Meeting Minutes and Materials

Local Homeless Coalitions

Local Homeless Coalitions (LHCs) guide homeless assistance efforts in their coverage area, usually one or more counties.

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